Bteck, a young reality in the Information Technology industry, is an innovative alternative to common technical support solutions for individuals and businesses who require immediate assistance with telecommunications devices such as Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Similar.

'' Make allways sure that technology is your tool,not the other way round. ''


Thanks to a deep knowledge, it is a solid experience in the use of operating systems such as:

Operating system Device
Linux Desktop / Server / Mobile
© Microsoft Windows Desktop / Server / Mobile
© Apple OSX Desktop / Server
© Android Smartphone / Tablet / TV / IoT
IOS ©iPhone / ©iPad


Repair or replacement of damaged or malfunctionig electronic components.

Installation, configuration and maintenance of CCTV / IP video surveillance systems and their configuration. Securing business networks.

Installation and management of domotics devices.


Data recovery, installation and configuration of operating systems and their applications.

Website design and programming, online management and related promotion and similar activities.

Provision of network, company and domestic security with relative management of servers and related equipment.


We support and promote cryptocurrency.